About Us

2016 Flint Hills International Children Festival | Tito Mato's

The community engagement of BORIKÉN Cultural Center assists youth develop a sense of identity, which we believe is essential to their future success. For the past 27 years, BORIKÉN Cultural Center board of directors, teachers, guest-instructors, funders, parents, and volunteers have had a shared vision of elevating the status of the local Latino community through generous donations of time and financial contributions.   

​​​BORIKÉN Cultural Center supporters, volunteers and board members also advocate the promotion and fostering of programs that help create a culturally diverse society. It is for this reason that our organization has been successful in its work and considered a pillar within Minnesota's Latino community. In 2005, Jesse Bethke Gomez and Leigh Roethke published a book titled Latino Minnesota, which highlights individual and collective achievements and contributions within the Latino community. El Arco Iris Center for the Arts was one of the few organizations the authors mentioned in the book. This is a true testament to our work in the community and our positive impact on Minnesota's Latino community. 

BORIKÉN Cultural Center (F.K.A. El Arco Iris Center for the Arts, also known as El Arco Iris), is a St. Paul based non-profit organization (Tax ID: 41-1939883) whose mission is to create a community that empowers and inspires children and families through traditional Afro-Puerto Rican music, art, dance, and song. The organization was founded in 1993 and has served hundreds of Minnesota youth, adults and organizations since its inception. The organization has carried out its mission primarily by developing and executing enriched educational experiences for youth involving the study and performance of Afro-Caribbean dance, drum, and song. The organization's curriculum also encompasses adult dance and drum classes, youth painting classes, history (culturally-sensitive) and story-telling.